Wrath of the Vohven is set in the southern island continent of Svimohzia. Sponsored by the Jade Lion Trading Company, the players have the opportunity to engage in a variety of adventures – some of considerable extent – as they explore the vast jungle spanning the Izhoven river basin. Along their journey they will encounter several heretofore unknown monsters as they explore the vast and dangerous Vohven jungle.

Setting Background


“Zazahni is a land of chaos and infighting, as the nobles war to claim the throne. They’ve been fighting themselves for almost 100 years, or so I hear, and I think they’re likely to go on
fighting for a hundred more. This is a poor nation, barely surviving on the tariffs they collect from us passing merchants. I’m amazed that they’ve lasted this long…”

“Our country is currently under siege from within, as the noble families war with themselves. The southern barons are under attack by strange creatures from the Vohven Jungle, the northern baronies skirmish with Ozhvinmish, and the middle baronies fight the northern and southern armies passing through, while all fight with each other Still, our land has its strong points, for anyone can become powerful, provided that they have the right talents and a good voice for diplomacy. Workers tend to be able to keep most of their profits to themselves, because the manpower required to tax us is off fighting wars or raiding neighboring areas. In the meantime, our land is weakening. I myself hope for the return of Meznamish – it can’t be worse than this.”

Major Cities

“A small city with lazy rivers providing most of the travel. As
there is little reason for anyone to travel here, Emosvom is virtually
independent. Its only claim to fame is its large prison, and
use as a staging ground for expeditions into the Vohven Jungle.”

“This city is rich and beautiful, with majestic gardens and
large markets. It attracts people from all over Zazahni to come
and trade, as well as to visit or see the sights.”

“Although our economy is still in horrid shape due to recent
wars, we are now the base of a peaceful leadership, and are on
the rise again. When the economy recovers, we will be more
powerful than ever before.”

Awhom Forest:
It is said that this densely wooded area was
once part of the Vohven Jungle but that, over time, the climate
became drier and the Vohven receded to its current boundaries.
An ancient culture predating mankind is rumored to exist within
this forest.

Vohven Jungle:
The Izhoven River descends from the high
plains of northern Zazahni, draining the savanna into a vast jungle,
known to locals as the Emerald Sea. Early river navigators
so named it because far upstream they could see the green of the
vast rain forest off in the distance and believed it was the sea.
Covering nearly 150,000 square miles, the Emerald Sea is a
massive and largely uncharted wilderness. Human and
humanoid tribesmen live there, in great numbers, along with all
sorts of wild beasts. Tribes of intelligent vegetable creatures
also inhabit an area of the jungle.

Wrath of the Vohven

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