Female Human Kalamarian Bard (Rogue)


Renda always dresses in fine leathers and show off her Lyre.


Renda’s Uncle, Malaran, is a member of a secret society. He took Renda on many trips when she was young and told her the tails for her Great Gandfather Galinon. Galinon, was a widely known scholar of trade laws. He visited Svimohzia many times. Renda hearing of his tails when she has growing up deiced to vist the lands of the savages and see them for herself .

Her Mother Dorata loves to watch theater. and incoruged Renda to join the theater but she was only interested in the music that was played there.

Her Father Folikar is very knowledgeable in monster lore. he learned most of it from his father but renda was not interested in learning these things as music was her passion

Her sister Girawas was abducted by slavers and died when they where very young she was on a trip to Svimohzia with her father at the time.

Renda saved her friend Hava (A Svimohzia slave working for her family) from a fox attack. Hava is now secretly a were fox . he was kicked there home shortly after the attack sense and ingored slave was no good to the family they left him to die on the streets. He blames the Renda for this for his condition

Renda Music teacher once told you that to be taken seriously as a bard, you must look the part -


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