Male half elf Ranger




Cyrnal (pronounced Seer-Uh-Nell) was born among the elves of the Awhom Forest. His father, Onsar Vezdor was an explorer from Zomo-wim who fell in love with an elven maiden, Asaivelia and spent several years living among her people. In time, their relationship cooled and he returned to his explorations. Years later, he visited the tribe while moving through the area and was shocked to learn that he had fathered a child. Despite her insistence that he take the youth back to civilization with him, Onsar refused with the rational that his constant travels into the dangerous regions of the Vohven was no place for a child. However, he swore to return whenever possible to spend time with his son. Unfortunately, his promises were rarely upheld as he often missed years of Cyrnal’s youth only to appear and spend a few months living alongside the elves.

Cyrnal’s youth was tumultuous as most of the elves treated him as a outsider, including his own mother who saw in him nothing but reminders of her ill-fated union with a mere human. When his father would spend time with him, his attention was more on the logistics of his next expedition than on the son that he felt little kinship with. Increasing Cyrnal’s social discomfort was his rapid physical development by elven standards which constantly forced him to attempt to integrate with new groups of social peers, only to “outgrow” them in a handful of years. Adding to his awkwardness was the tendency among the full-blooded elves to treat him in a condescending manner as from their viewpoint he was little more than a child and hampered by the inherent weakness of his half-human parentage.

Constantly lashing out in frustration at this treatment merely reinforced the other elves opinion about Crynal’s immaturity and humanity. Before long, he began to spend more and more time by himself avoiding the other elves, dreaming of the day he would finally leave the village and venture forth into the human lands where he would be accepted. With this plan for his future foremost in his mind, Cyrnal began to train in the art of woodcraft and well he was unable to mimic the natural skill of his full-blooded comrades, he did show enough skill to earn the grudging respect of his mentors.

Unfortunately, it was during one extended patrol that Cyrnal and his fellow elves were ambushed by Orcs and he was taken captive. During his captivity, Cyrnal was brutally tortured both for information and the orc’s enjoyment. By the time he was rescued, the orc’s had carved numerous orkin runes into his face which left him with a constant reminder of his failure. To this day, Cyrnal keeps his face hidden behind a head wrap that covers both his head and face, leaving only his dark eyes exposed. Because of this, many do not recognize his elven heritage and he is happy to allow them to believe that his is merely a slightly built Svimhozian.

Unable to bear the shame he felt at having survived the ambush while his fellow elves were slaughtered and his disfigurement, Cyrnal fled his tribe and ventured to Emosvom with plans to hire on to one of the trading companies that send expeditions into the Vohven in search of rare materials and natural resources


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