Wrath of the Vohven

New Job
Day 4 in the Jungle

Cyrnal , Uhtred, Syndra try to revive Renda and move away from the cave to figure out what to do next. They decide to smoke out the Gorilla and try to scare it away. this works partly. After lighting the fire and fanning it with large leaves they manage to get the Gorilla to Run out only it stops and turns to attack. After a long battle and luck they defeat the Gorilla and skin it to take trophies. Cyrnal find the medallion in the cave and the group head back to town. Where they are given there reward and a offer for more work to come. They find lodging in town and get to work polishing there skill before there next track into the jungle .

Day 2 in the jungle

That night in Camp Uhtred is possessed by a spirit a the group must agree to bury a dead baby with its family. before the spirit will leave Uhtred.
After 2 more days down the trail they came to the ruined village and many graves. thinking the Madelon is buried with the dead they begging to dig up the graves and search them and burring the baby to free Uhtred. a gruop of mokeys where hanging around the area and Renda deiced it would be fun to play music for them and try to catch one. after she noticed one stole her mirror she wanred the rest of the group and they tried to get there belogings back. Then back to grave digging
under one grave some giant bugs burst out and the Syndra brunt them to a crisp. Noticing the monkeys again with all the stuff they where taking. Cyrnal tracked them in hopes they might have taken the medalon.

coming to a rocky out cropping they notice a large cave with the monkeys all around on the rocks . as they approached the cave they see a large Gorilla with some straps on him come out of the cave. Renda thinking her music will keep it calm and Syndra telling the gruop we had to rub its belly. Uhtred and Renda approached. Cyrnal not bleaving what they where doing steped back with bow ready. As Uhtred and Renda are knocked out by the Gorilla. Cyrnal and Syndra use ranged weapons and magic to drive the ape back into the cave and saves there companions.

Frist days in Emosvom

Cyrnal , Uhtred, Syndra and Renda are called into see there new employer Izvor.

in Izvor’s office at the Jade lion trading company. The group was greeted to food and drink and told about there first job. Izvor told them of a outpost that was destroyed and a medallion that needed to be recovered as it was very import to the company. they where told to meet there guide Svowna near the city edge when they where ready to head out
As the group saw no reason to complete there first task and impress there new boss they set out into the jungle. As they where leavening town Stromcrow ran to catch up he was late to the meeting and just now arrived.

the first day in the jungle had the group being ambushed by some Stirges.
after a long battle . Stromcrow headed back to town to recover and rest as the others continued on.

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